Episode 3 – Re-imagining Epcot, Part 1 – World of Motion

Guys, I spent like 2 days on this between researching/writing and recording. This is also the first episode that I spent time actually¬† writing instead of just winging it with the recording! I did (honestly) go off-script in some places, but that’s really not too much of anything to go on about.

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Walt Dated World page on World of Motion
Martin’s Vids video on World of Motion
Intercot page containing the script from Test Track (1.0)
Test Track 2.0 script

Trader Nexan News Network – Episode 2: Epcot/WDW Rant

I decided to rant/comment on the use of sponsors at some old (partially extinct) Epcot attractions and how sponsors at Epcot and Walt Disney World can both be good and seriously harm the life of attractions.

Unrelated to the actual episode, I’ll be creating a website/blog for the podcast soon enough that will allow for commenting (within reason) and let people leave me notes and stuff. Until then, just mention me on Twitter (@nexangames) and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


This is a re-upload, as I am switching to LibSyn from Anchor as my podcast host.

Trader Nexan News Network – Episode 1: What Am I Doing?

No, seriously, what am I doing here? I don’t know what this podcast is going to be about, and I make that VERY clear in this first “pilot” episode.

Also, check out my creepy Sims 4 Avatar. I need something new.

This is a re-upload, as I am switching to LibSyn from Anchor as my podcast host.