My absence and upcoming projects

Hello everyone. If you’re wondering why I’ve been absent since May, it’s because I’ve been dealing with life. Specifically, I’ve been feeling down in general, and I’ve not had many ideas for my podcast. Along with that, I’ve been working at a new job that I started in early June, my family got a new puppy, and I haven’t had much privacy to record in either my room or my basement, neither of which are great places to record in to be honest. Along with these, I just haven’t been feeling motivated to create any episodes, nor have I thought of any good topics for content.

I feel like at some point, I will get over this, but until that day, this site will probably be pretty barren. I am working on other projects, which might come up here, but they are mostly personal projects that have no real place on the internet. Projects like calculator applications for a Ti-83 Plus that assist with my job, or a Disney Parks-themed D&D (which I use loosely) setting, or how I’m going to move a large, heavy desk out of my bedroom and get rid of it.

So for now, I just want to say that I hope whomever is reading this is doing well, that I promise to make new content soon (since I am planning things, but the things are in their infancy right now), and that I will not back down, just… I will slow down.

Thank you,

Trader Nexan

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